Wiltshire Ambassadors Wanted… We need your help!

you-are-awesome-wiltshirefoodtruckAre you one of those amazingly passionate people who feels like it’s your calling to broadcast things that touch people’s hearts, inspire them, and help them grow?

Do you have an audience of people who trust you to recommend what you love and care about?

Are you a blogger, tweeter, facebooker, podcaster, journalist, television producer, or event coordinator who has the power to reach people with messages that resonate with you?

If so, I really need your help as an ambassador of my message.

As a single mum who lives in a small quadrant of what is a very large area, there is just no way I alone can reach all the people across Wiltshire with the food truck message.
Simply put, I need your help.

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The food truck really is about people at the very heart of what it does.
As well as selling delicious food at Markets, festivals and fetes, every appearance of the Wiltshire food truck project will be accompanied by Caribbean music and opportunities to learn. The cultural education program will see the truck launched into schools, colleges and adult education centres across Wiltshire, delivering up cultural food, music and history. This is also a not-for-profit venture, delivering rewards directly back into the community helping young and single mums. Employing Local people for local jobs and always using local produce. Yep, It’s all about the people.

Why would you not want to help spread the word? 🙂

I want to get involved wiltsfoodtruckSo . . . If this resonates with you and your soul is leaping forth as you read this, I really need your help. It takes a village to activate this revolution of awesomeness that will uplift many; and my intention is that this food truck will help us connect better to one another.

In return for your help, there will be a host of goodies available to you, including VIP access to the Launch party, Free Meal vouchers, T-shirts, references, Link backs to your social media and lots and lots more.

If you don’t have a way to spread the message to a big social media following, please still get in touch, as you may be able to help in some other way such as admin, posters, promotions…. or something else I’ve not thought of yet.

Please in the first instance send an email to wiltsfoodtruck@gmail.com with: your name, contact number, area that you live in and how you intend to broadcast this message (i.e: via your mailing list, posts on Facebook/Twitter etc.)

Looking for people in these area’s to build an Ambassadors Team.

#Bradford on Avon
#Royal Wootton Bassett

Please share this online with all your friends and contacts, Thank you xx


The Story Behind The Wiltshire Food Truck Project

Hi there,
Please watch this latest video about the WFT and leave me any thoughts in the comments below or send me an email. We are on facebook, twitter and instagram, I’d love it if you could take a minute to ‘like / follow’ us on those too so you don’t miss any of our updates as social media moves so fast these days.

Please keep sharing the video with your friends or online communities, Thank you SO much xx

What is the Wiltshire food truck project?

Thanks so much for dropping by to learn about the Wiltshire food truck project.

The first thing to say is that this is a community focused project and we really do need your support to make this happen. We are soon going to be launching a crowdfunding campaign with the aim that local people and businesses will get behind me and support this exciting project for Wiltshire.

What is a food truck?
It’s an American term for a catering van (think burgers / kebabs), but selling modern cuisine, from a vehicle.
food truck wiltshire

So what is the Wiltshire food truck project?

I would like to acquire a van, convert it into a food truck and sell modern Caribbean food across Wiltshire.

As well as selling delicious food the truck will deliver a full cultural experience by playing music from across the Caribbean wherever it is located (parked). I would like the truck to deliver on a schools integration project. Taking the food truck into schools across Wiltshire and letting children experience a little bit of the Caribbean culture by way of food sampling and music education. We’re looking to run cooking workshops and music workshops. Profits from the truck will go directly back into the community by giving to and assisting young & single mums with children in need.

A restaurant takes a lot of money to set up and is in one static location that people can’t always get to conveniently.
A food truck allows us to reach more people, in various locations. Literally bringing the food into the community.

There is a shortfall in Caribbean outlets across Wiltshire, so we would like to sell traditional Caribbean food, but done with a modern twist. Favourites include: Jerk Chicken, Jerk Pork, Jerk Quorn, Plaintain, Curry Goat, Stew Chicken etc…
I have created some really tasty modern menu ideas that I can’t wait for you to experience.
See reviews of my food here.

At the heart of this project is ‘Family and Community’.
It will be run by local people using locally sourced produce.

The food truck will also attending local festivals, fetes, carnivals and big events within the community, delivering a modern twist on Caribbean food.


“To Provide a cultural experience to the Wiltshire area through food and music”


We will need lots of people to back this project for it to work. Every donation given to get this up and running will receive a reward. We are not ready to launch the crowdfunding campaign just yet but please follow this blog regularly, bookmark it, follow us on social media.. Or better still email me directly so I can contact you directly once it launches: Wiltsfoodtruck @ Gmail. Com. Please also have a look at www.kickstarter.com to gain an understanding of how crowdfunding works.

Please tell your friends about this project, share this blog, follow our twitter and instagram.