How Can Food Trucks Help Build Food And Beverage Brands?

Found this article via @GuerrillaCanteen’s blog, a great article on the history of food trucks. Had to share, please enjoy x


Food Trucks are white-hot popular since the first one appeared on L.A. streets in 2009. Exploding out of southern California, they now enjoy dedicated “corrals” and festivals, feature-length coverage in, among many other, National Geographic and Fast Company and even landed a starring role in Chef (2014). Uber food truck Manna One travels to disaster sites and operates on a grand scale: a tractor-trailer kitchen with multiple support trucks, it feeds tens of thousands of disaster victims a day. The marketer who understands the history, benefits and limitations of the food truck can best ensure success if the food truck is part of their marketing plans.

Food trucks _ Blake Patterson Photo credit: Blake Patterson

The modern food truck traces its roots back to the Great Plains and the Chuck Wagon. A rolling kitchen designed to support cowboys as they drove cattle to rowdy railhead towns like Dodge City, Kansas, the chuck wagon debuted around…

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