Wiltshire food truck project – video blog – day 3


4 thoughts on “Wiltshire food truck project – video blog – day 3

  1. Hi, this sounds interesting and quite cool 🙂

    I currently learning marketing and am building my portfolio, id love to be involved with your project somehow. How do we contact you, do you have a direct email address?


  2. I’m currently in the process of building a food truck and would be interested in discussing the process with you. We are gearing up for a kickstarter campaign too. We are over 70 days into our project and we have a truck, a brand and a minor social media presence. Considering that we started with nothing but an idea and a dream the fact that we have a truck is amazing. We still have lots of work to do; complete kitchen build, paint job etc etc etc, we are well on our way to hitting the street. Best of luck and keep in touch. By the way, I love your concept. It sounds wonderful
    Guerrilla Canteen


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