What is the Wiltshire food truck project?

Thanks so much for dropping by to learn about the Wiltshire food truck project.

The first thing to say is that this is a community focused project and we really do need your support to make this happen. We are soon going to be launching a crowdfunding campaign with the aim that local people and businesses will get behind me and support this exciting project for Wiltshire.

What is a food truck?
It’s an American term for a catering van (think burgers / kebabs), but selling modern cuisine, from a vehicle.
food truck wiltshire

So what is the Wiltshire food truck project?

I would like to acquire a van, convert it into a food truck and sell modern Caribbean food across Wiltshire.

As well as selling delicious food the truck will deliver a full cultural experience by playing music from across the Caribbean wherever it is located (parked). I would like the truck to deliver on a schools integration project. Taking the food truck into schools across Wiltshire and letting children experience a little bit of the Caribbean culture by way of food sampling and music education. We’re looking to run cooking workshops and music workshops. Profits from the truck will go directly back into the community by giving to and assisting young & single mums with children in need.

A restaurant takes a lot of money to set up and is in one static location that people can’t always get to conveniently.
A food truck allows us to reach more people, in various locations. Literally bringing the food into the community.

There is a shortfall in Caribbean outlets across Wiltshire, so we would like to sell traditional Caribbean food, but done with a modern twist. Favourites include: Jerk Chicken, Jerk Pork, Jerk Quorn, Plaintain, Curry Goat, Stew Chicken etc…
I have created some really tasty modern menu ideas that I can’t wait for you to experience.
See reviews of my food here.

At the heart of this project is ‘Family and Community’.
It will be run by local people using locally sourced produce.

The food truck will also attending local festivals, fetes, carnivals and big events within the community, delivering a modern twist on Caribbean food.


“To Provide a cultural experience to the Wiltshire area through food and music”


We will need lots of people to back this project for it to work. Every donation given to get this up and running will receive a reward. We are not ready to launch the crowdfunding campaign just yet but please follow this blog regularly, bookmark it, follow us on social media.. Or better still email me directly so I can contact you directly once it launches: Wiltsfoodtruck @ Gmail. Com. Please also have a look at www.kickstarter.com to gain an understanding of how crowdfunding works.

Please tell your friends about this project, share this blog, follow our twitter and instagram.


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